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Beogram 1001 with SP14 stylus

This fantastic late Beogram 1001 it is in very good condition and have been fully service with new motor bearings & a new belt

The arm bearings have also been checked and are good

Supplied with a very nice condition SP14 stylus and cartridge plays and sounds fantastic ..

The speed is now in spec and is fast on the uptake and is also very consistent

Comes with its dust cover a few light marks but it’s good for its age

The Deck is supplied with 6 months RTB warrenty  Stylus  / Cartridge has NON

Pat tested with a13 amp plug ( 3 amp fuse )


BeoGram 1001 Record Deck Product Specifications

Type: 5101 (1973 - Dec 1974)
Speeds: 45 and 33 rpm., with provision for vernier adjustment of speed
Rumble Better than 55 dB (DIN B)
Wow and flutter +/- 0.15 % peak value
Pickup arm: ST/L 15°
Pickup SP 14 A
Recommended tracking force 1.5 - 2.5g
Voltage: 220 volts AC only
Power consumption 10 W
Dimensions W x H x D 36 x 11.5 (approx. 12.5cm with dust cover) x 31cm
Weight 6 kg

Beogram 1001 with SP14 stylus

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