Terms & Conditions

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  1. All products remain our property until full payment is received.

  2. All warranty and sales are offered at our discretion and may be withdrawn at any time.

  3. Warranty is for domestic indoor use only and is with the original owner and is not transferable.

  4. Warranty Excludes damage by external forces, lighting, liquid ingress, power surges, transport, acts of god, civil disturbance, etc…

  5. You must not open work on or remove any items or exchange them for any reason or have the item serviced by any other persons or company.

  6. It does not include cabinet parts, lids trim and special B&O parts like transforms tuner modules and special B&O  parts.

  7. The carriage is to be covered by the buyer both ways (and any insurance they may require) at all times. 

  8. We will repair or replace to the value of the item only (or refund at our choice).

  9. We can arrange to ship your item back (Approx £15.00) depending on size, but is at your own risk as it is NOT INSURED.

  10. If you would like a courier delivery which is a door-to-door cost is around £60 to £90 depending on your location, I can give you their contact details if you wish to use this service.

  11. Items sent for service/repair will be inspected and an email estimate will be send.  

  12. If the machine is unserviceable or the cost is not acceptable, we will charge £20.00 for the work done. 

  13. If the set is not paid for in full and collected within 4 weeks, we have the right to recover any cost including disposal and storage at £2.00 a day. 

  14. Warranty is in most cases is 90 days, the owner is responsible for collection and delivery and any insurance both ways.

  15. Our max liability is nil (£0.00) on service repairs, sales or any work or advise.

  16. Payment is due on invoice if not paid in 28 days we reserve the right to sell the machine to recover our cost.

  17. Items not collected with in 3 Months paid for or not we may dispose of in any way we think fit. 

  18. All items remain the property of Beorepairs until paid for in full.

  19. ​We Don’t Accept PayPal

  20. We only accept bank transfer and cash on collection.