About BEO Repairs

Hi I am Ron  and have been  serviceing electronics all my  working  life  I  love  B&O  as a brand and their vintage  products 

Beomaster 1900-2.JPG.jpg

From the 


I started  work  for a large  B  and O dealer  in In the  North of England the Mid  70s   moved into  industrial electronics   and  Final decided  that  I wanted to  return home  back to my  beloved  B and O  so in 2014 I  started   back repairing  for a few  friends  now  I am   busy   repairing   many  of the  best  machines  ever  made .

I do  buy a few  machine and   I have  most items   in  stock  but  not  serviced  so if you would  like a quad Beomaster  6000  or a Beomaster  8000  let me know  they  are all  service  to  order  


Now & Future

I  am looking fordward to keeping the best machine ever made  back to  life .

For present and  future generations  to enjoy