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Bang & Olufsen Audio Repair UK

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Giving Your Mid 60's to Early 80's B&O Machines A Second Life

What We’re All About 

A little about me. I started work in 1977 as an audio apprentice at a large B&O dealer I served 5 years as an apprentice and final became time served in 1981 in 1985. I left the industry collected  my tools and  started to travel the world servicing industrial electronics.

 Some 35 years on ... and I now specialise in servicing B&O music systems from the late 60's to the early 80's and that era. BEO Repairs was established in 2014 this was created from my passion for the repair and service of these classic B & O's.

Excellence is what inspired me to open my shop, and continues to drive me to this day. All my repairs are completed with meticulous detail, resulting in a product that is as good as new or as good as it can be  given its 50yr old.

I repair, Service, Buy & Sell Bang & Olufsen’s from the Late 60s to Mid 80s, I have a real passion for these Classic Beo Lits, Beo-Masters and Beo-Grams (and Others). We also service a few other selected hi-fi from the period Sony vets amps and  some other turntables, including Sony & JVC.

So if you have a question, if I can  help, I will. Please have a look around, I may have something of interest. If not I may have something for you in stock as I have hundreds of B&O's...

I can supply most items to order as it is impossible to keep them all ready to ship.


Enjoy your visit


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